Digital Marketing for a Digital Generation


PopSugar is the top independent publisher for Millennial women worldwide. We speak to a generation of digital-first consumers looking for the hottest trends and socially engaging content. We can help you connect with them too.

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Connect with our audience of Middle Eastern Millennial women by displaying your brand alongside ours. We support IAB standard display advertisements.

Native Campaigns

Engage with our audience through native content campaigns that are more effective at reaching and Influencing readers.



PopSugar Middle East supports IAB standard display advertisements built on the latest technologies.

To book a campaign or to learn more about our rates and display advertising opportunities, please contact our sales team at


Fit-In to Stand Out

Native content has quickly risen to become the most effective ways for brands to engage with our audience. Our native content offering enables your advertising to be as engaging and effective as our content. We help brands create captivating stories using the same secret sauce behind our most popular stories.


Native Stories

Native stories mirror PopSugar Middle East's editorial process and distribution. Our team works with yours to craft an engaging concept to draw readers in and spread your message over social media.

Each native story consists of a story on PopSugar's ever-popular website and posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with guaranteed reach.

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Story Types

We offer many story types, from fast and fresh to fully bespoke. Our editorial staff can remix your existing content or develop a high quality story from scratch.

Feature : Driven by a powerful image and compelling writing, a feature story is ideal to highlight an announcement.

Gallery : If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a gallery is so much more. Perfect for fashion and beauty brands looking to subtly shift perceptions with a visual language.

Video : Tell a story in motion. Video has taken over the web and can be one of the most effective ways to capture attention and change impressions.

Impact, Guaranteed

Each Native Content campaign comes with guaranteed impact based on the type and goal of the campaign. This includes key metrics like pageviews, social reach, and more.


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